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We offer various services to the public.

For more information or to order, contact us using the button below.

Community Coloring Books:
Would your community benefit from having a specialized coloring book of local sites and community favorite locations? It helps to encourage community pride and fun for people of all ages. We would take your suggestions for locations and pages, then create the coloring book for you and arrange the printing. Prices vary depending on number of pages. Please use the "Contact Us" button above for inquiries.

To buy our current "Coloring Cudahy" coloring book, please click the button below.


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Digital Pet Drawings:
We will create a digital drawing of your pet(s), print it at an 8" x 10" size, and mail you the final piece. Price is $100 for 1-3 pets in one drawing. Lead time is approximately 1 week from receipt of your source photo. If you are interested in more pets or a larger final piece, please email us and we can price out other options for you.

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